Somewhere between the skill it takes to move forward and the driving passion it takes to excel there are the talents of Tattooed Empire’s own Bebo Polina. Self-taught and continually unafraid of new challenges, Bebo has been tattooing and piercing since 2006 when a friend encouraged him to try these mediums of body modification. Over ten years later, Bebo’s career as one of Brownsville, Texas’ premier tattoo artists and body piercers rests on a reputation of providing a unique experience for his clients. From consultation to completion, he brands his work with his boldness in creativity and execution. For him, seeing the smile on a satisfied client’s face yields a natural high; making a client feel at ease and giving them a great experience are what he wakes up for and are ultimately what the client returns for. Tattooing with and learning from artists such as Jocke and Mike Hultman and Jerry Lind of Sweden and Tattooed Empire resident artist Neal Tyner has made Bebo part of a global network of tattooists driven to take the art to the next level. He has drawn inspiration from some of the best in the business – Freddy Negrete, Mike Devries, Jocke Hultman, and Lokesh Verma, just to name a few. Through his years of experience he has explored and excelled in realms of tattooing that are otherwise untouched by those who shy away from the challenge – namely, portraits and realism. In his own words, “The challenge of these styles allows my talent to come through because I can’t allow myself to mess up.” He also enjoys working with Black & Gray, Neo-Traditional, Color Characters, and New School. In his endless pursuit of new and challenging pieces to do, he currently looks forward to the day the is able to tattoo Captain Spalding, the clown from The Devil’s Rejects. His philosophy has served him well and is reflected by the accolades earned at South Texas Heat Wave in 2014 (Best of Weekend) and 2015 (Best Color Piece). Bebo owes a large portion of his success to the support of his family for the simple fact that he is able to show them that it’s possible to make a living out of something one can be passionate about.