I’m Kevin Salinas, 23 years young. coming from Medellin,Colombia. I Lived alot of my life in Miami FL. I started tattooing in April 2017. I was an apprentice for a whole year in a shop in the heart of downtown Miami.

I sacrificed everything I had such as school, my job, financial security, and my relationships with family. I endured a lot of hardships and bad moments throughout my time as an apprentice.

Such as living on the street, starving and alone. I’m a young artist with a drive and motivation to put my artistic abstract styles on peoples body. This craft has made me into who I am today. I’m a Tattoo Artist.

This is what i plan to be for as long as I can breath. Clients give me a piece of their flesh and in return i will give them a piece of my soul. I specialize in Anime, Cartoon, & Video Game tattoos. I love to transform our favorite childhood characters into a live tattoo you will carry for the rest of your life.

Different line weights Bright vibrant colors and abstract paint splatters and water color marks is what makes my tattoos my own. I will transform your simple tattoo idea into a piece of art.